5 Tips for Styling Your Fireplace Mantel

Yeeeellow people! That’s how my grandma used to answer the phone. Instead of “hello” it sounded more like “yeeellow!” Note to self: start doing that. Moving on…today I’m diving into home decor and sharing with you 5 tips for styling your fireplace mantel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sometimes you just need to hit refresh on your home decor. I have been stalking Pinterest for quite some time now, lusting after that layered, framed picture look. Everyone has their own spin on it and I love the creativity. After endless hours of searching home decor store after home decor store I decided I would just make my own prints using pictures I snapped on my own. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! I know I know, you’re probably thinking, “But Megan! I am not a photographer!” Well, neither am I. But let me tell you something, it is amazing what you can accomplish with an iPhone if you just start snapping photos. All of the prints you see below were taken in Key West over Christmas. Seriously, just start snapping pics. You never know what will happen. I had all of my prints made locally at Photo Pro and framed at Michaels…and not the custom frames, the inexpensive version. Make sure you download the app for coupons and discounts too!

Pop quiz: who can tell me what is wrong with this styling? You have to look really closely. Read on to find out…

The Chic(ish) Chick’s 5 Tips for success:

  1. I highly recommend using your own photos. It’s so much more personal than buying a generic print. Using your own photos is also a great conversation starter. “Where did you find this print?” your house-guest may ask. “Oh I took that picture over Christmas in Key West!” Just start looking around the next time you’re out and about. You never know what you’ll find! Flowers will be in bloom soon. Don’t be afraid to snap some pics as you come across them. You can always go back and edit later. Snap, snap, snap people!
  2. Choose white frames for a more modern feel. Don’t feel limited by the black frames in the photo here. I had a very difficult time deciding between black frames or white frames. Someday, I might switch over to white. I love both. It’s impossible to decide!
  3. Greenery in general can really add a lot of life to your home and especially to your mantle. Even if you’re not wild about faux greens/flowers, give a nice high quality stem a try. It really makes all the difference.
  4. Books. I used books that I have read here but you certainly don’t have to. If you’re not a reader – go to Goodwill and pick up a few for super cheap. Books look so stylish as decor. Who cares if you actually read them or not. I won’t tell if you won’t…
  5. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different options before you decide on what you like best. Not everything will look as good in person as it does in your head. Buy a few things you like next time you’re out shopping and play around with it. You can always return what you don’t like at a later date. This will save you trips to the store in the long run.

Glass Vase


The greenery is available at Kirland’s. Unfortunately it is unavailable online but you can find a lot of great stems on their website, in store or at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. Cotton bouquets, for example, are very popular right now.


Back to the pop quiz. Q: What IS wrong with my styling? A: I haven’t snipped the end off my greenery! Don’t make this rookie mistake. Snip the ends of your faux stems if you can see through the vase or bowl. All it takes is a nice pair of tin snips. And don’t worry, I just learned what a tin snip was too.

I hope this has been helpful.

See ya next time!

-The Chic(ish) Chick



  1. Emily Ehrhardt
    April 29, 2018 / 11:34 am

    I’m behind on your blog so I just read this. And now I’m 1) wishing I had a fireplace mantle to decorate and 2) am trying to decide if I should enlarge any Europe photos. Thanks for empowering us non-photographers equipped with an iPhone 8. Ha!!

    • April 29, 2018 / 1:46 pm

      You definitely should blow them up! I’m obsessed with it.

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