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My name is Megan Ruffles. Yep, just like the potato chips or ruffles on a dress – whichever you prefer. I am the woman behind The Chic(ish) Chick: [sheek-ish] + [chick: as in a baby chicken], a lifestyle brand that helps people everywhere find and create their own idea of being chic with daily shortcuts and tips. I share this here on my website, my social media pages, and as a guest on television shows like Hello Iowa, Paula Sands Live, and WGN’s Sunday Brunch. I also have an online store and product collection. I’m glad to meet you! 

What exactly does ‘being chic(ish)’ mean?

It’s a lifestyle where you decide what being chic means to you, and the level of chic you want to be. That might be enjoying a fancy cocktail one weekend, and a Bud Light the next. Or, it could be that you’re always on point to the smallest detail. It may be that you go big sometimes, and sometimes you don’t. And, whatever range of chic you pick, it’s always fun, practical and money smart because that’s what being chic(ish) is. It’s all about creating your own amazing lifestyle, and having fun while you do it. 

Because when you’re in an outfit you love, when your home is stylish and comfortable, when you can make a delicious meal or host an incredible feast, it makes you feel good. Feeling good about yourself gives you confidence, which positively impacts your life. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money or effort, either.

It’s the way of life I live and why I’m here!

A little more about me…

I truly believe we’re all born a little chic(ish). For me, it began at a very early age. I was a total Barbie girl as a child and loved to create Barbie’s fashion, home and lifestyle. It’s no surprise that I had that same passion when I grew up and began creating a lifestyle of my own.

I’m also a Midwesterner who absolutely loves the Midwest way of life. I love taking Midwest values and practicality, and combining it with chic living. And, I know a lot of women in the region want to do the same.  To me, it’s finding ways to have the lifestyle I want. Midwest living can be just as stylish as anywhere in the world!

Thank you so much for being here. Come say “hi” on Instagram! I would love to get to know you, too!


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