Attention, Target Shoppers…Sale in Aisle 5: SHOES!

I have a confession to make. I’m ashamed to tell you, but I think I’ll feel better if I get this off my chest. (Insert Golden Girl, Sophia Petrillo’s voice here.) Picture it….Target….2017. It’s early on a Tuesday night and I need a few random ingredients for a potluck, so I zip into my local Target store. Fast forward 25 minutes and I’m leaving the store with 3 boxes of shoes. Ok, 4….I bought 5 pairs of shoes. There, I said it! I feel so much better already.

YOU GUYS! Get in your car and GO to Target. Right now, just go. Forget about dinner, forget about your kids, and definitely forget about your husband and what he might say to you later. Ask for forgiveness – not permission, ladies. Here’s the skinny on what I got. All shoes are size 10 and run true to size. All under $35! Dress from Express Factory Outlet and necklace from Evereve.


This is what I actually wore today. For a heel, they are decently comfortable. You couldn’t walk in them for hours but perfect for a day in the office. Leopard Booties


These are COMFY! Like wearing slippers to work. Black Mules


Also very comfortable. Gray Booties


I wore these to a wedding this weekend. I walked around all night and they didn’t hurt my feet at all. And let me tell you something, they looked classy AF. Block Heel Pumps


And finally, because everyone needs a good weekend loafer. Black Suede Loafer

You may think my purchases a tad hasty. With all the gorgeous choices, I could have purchased 10. So, actually I did practice a little self control. Go me. I am not in anyway suggesting you buy all the shoes. Ok, yes I am. I mean, don’t go into debt or anything. But DO check out Target. Their shoe game is especially strong this fall and your tootsies will thank me.

See ya on the next post.

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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