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The Best Eats and Dranks of Key West

The Best Eats and Dranks of Key West

Have you been considering a trip to Key West? Yes? Good, I’m happy to hear smart people are reading my blog. Kudos to you, my faithful reader. You should definitely go. Book it now, don’t wait. I have been to Key West 3 times and I’m already dreaming of the next time I can go back. I just love it… View Post
3 Drinks You Need to Make for the Holidays

3 Drinks You Need to Make for the Holidays

New Year resolutions? Year end goals? Let’s make cocktails instead. The Poinsettia. This is the perfect drink for around the holidays – so festive! This drink is comprised of 1/4 glass cranberry juice and 3/4 Prosecco. I like to use light cranberry juice…because 1/2 the calories (say it with me) = twice the drinks. I recently purchased frozen pomegranate seeds… View Post
Getting Fancy with Charcuterie

Getting Fancy with Charcuterie

You may be thinking, “WTF is she talking about?!?” Charcuterie: pronounced ‘shar-koo-tuh-ree’. Here’s an example of a charcuterie board I made this weekend for a wine tasting I hosted at my house. A charcuterie board is just a fancy way to say meat and cheese platter. Except these boards are on steroids and often include fruit, crackers, nuts, jams, jellies… View Post
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