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Sh*t My Husband Says: Part 2

Sh*t My Husband Says: Part 2

My husband recently celebrated a birthday. I promised to buy him an air fryer so he could make wings at home. I know, we are so romantic. I joke around sometimes that I’m the better half, but if I’m telling the truth, it’s a toss up. I feel lucky to be married to someone who makes me laugh every single… View Post
The Struggle is Real for a Frequent Flyer

The Struggle is Real for a Frequent Flyer

That’s right. The struggle is real for a frequent flyer. This frequent flyer in particular. So. Many. Struggles. You may remember my post on airline etiquette. If not, I suggest you read it like you’re studying for the SAT’s. Do not commit the crimes I describe. Do the right thing and be a decent co-flyer. Much like the decent co-shopper I describe in my Walmart post. Decent co-flyer… View Post
Trends I Don’t Understand

Trends I Don’t Understand

I live in Iowa and I get it. We’re always late to the party in terms of fashion, music and pretty much everything else. Nevertheless, I like to stay current. The jury is still out on whether that means actually current or current in ‘Iowa years’. I have a serious case of FOMO that has developed into a full-blown disease… View Post
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