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Word to Your Mother

Word to Your Mother

My mom is one of my besties. We have been through a lot together. Like a lot, a lot. Aside from that, we have shared together an enormous amount of good times. Our time together never goes by without a good belly laugh. What can I say? She laughs at all my material. She’s my biggest fan and loves me… View Post
Operation: Vegetable

Operation: Vegetable

We’ve all been there: the dreaded holiday weight gain. For me, it’s actually not just holiday weight gain. It’s winter weight gain. It’s summer weight gain. It’s traveling weight gain. It’s the I love food weight gain. It’s the 5-day holiday weekend chocked full of binge eating and drinking, weight gain. I know this last one to be true because… View Post
Don’t Drink and Prime

Don’t Drink and Prime

I’ve never actually done that, but I’ve heard stories. The vast majority of my clothing shopping is done online. It saves time, is convenient and ensures that I am getting the best possible price. You can also do so not showered, wearing sweats and with no make-up. If drinking wine while shopping is your thing, you can do that too…but… View Post
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