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Fashion 3peat: Army Green Vest

Fashion 3peat: Army Green Vest

YOU GUYS! I am so excited to bring to you a brand new series I am calling Fashion 3peat. In each segment, I will be showing you how to wear one piece in three different ways. I will not only be showing you new items I have recently added to my closet but also showing you how you can remix… View Post
Trends I Don’t Understand

Trends I Don’t Understand

I live in Iowa and I get it. We’re always late to the party in terms of fashion, music and pretty much everything else. Nevertheless, I like to stay current. The jury is still out on whether that means actually current or current in ‘Iowa years’. I have a serious case of FOMO that has developed into a full-blown disease… View Post
Dogs: They’re Just Like Us!

Dogs: They’re Just Like Us!

It’s that time of year again…the stores are crowded, people are cranky and it’s FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE! Time for a little feel good post! Everyone loves looking at pictures of dogs in clothes, right? One of two things usually happens: 1.) The dogs HATE it and/or 2.) They look irresistibly adorable. Often times it’s both. Please enjoy my top five… View Post
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