Deck the Halls with Homemakers

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaa. Oh BABY, did I ever deck my halls with a little help from Homemakers. Actually, living room, but you get the idea. I am thrilled to be partnering with them again to bring you this post. When I heard they were setting up for their holiday marketplace, you better believe I jumped in my car and drove my little tushy to their store ASAP.

*Thank you, Homemakers for sponsoring this post. I love working with you!*

By the time I arrived, their designers were just putting the finishing touches on the holiday marketplace, and let me tell you something, I was like a kid in a candy store. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I actually spent in the store that day. I’m sure the staff could see it in my eyes when I (albeit briefly) considered spending the night. Talk about analysis paralysis. Too many good pieces, not nearly enough time. Alas, I had to make a decision. You can’t have it all!

We spend a lot of time in our living room, so I wanted to focus on that part of our home. The fireplace is the focal point of our space, so I wanted to highlight it with some holiday cheer. Homemakers has so many amazing stems and greenery right now, you can’t go wrong. I settled on 3 variations: the green and white stems on the mantel and a few red stems, which I placed in our tree. Needless to say, it’s getting festive up in here!!

You will notice the tree here already has some red berries, but they’re slightly flocked which dulls the color a bit. These extra red stems really help make this tree pop.

After I settled on some stems and greenery, I spotted this “believe” picture. I am a straight sucker for any item that says “believe”. When I was a little girl, my mom always had a way of making Christmas feel so special and that word takes me back to those days in a flash. I’m so sentimental that way.

I also wanted to tie in the rest of my living room with the mantel, so naturally I got 18 throw pillows. Ok only 4…but by the way my husband acted when I walked in with said pillows, you’d think it was 18. He is under the impression we have enough, but if you’ve been following me any period of time, you know I will never have enough. The limit does not exist.

This pillow!! Loved it so much, I picked up two! The best part about it? It’s reversible! I also snagged two of the striped numbers, because if there is one thing I love more than throw pillows, it’s stripes.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the living room turned out. The pieces really helped complete the space and jump start our Christmas spirit. Do not hesitate for one second to stop by and take a look. One thing worth mentioning is that they have a variety of price ranges to fit all budgets and a variety of styles as well.

The stems I picked up were the least expensive and ranged from $5-9. The most expensive items were the large throw pillows at $25 each. To be honest, I was surprised by how many adorable holiday items they had for under $10. While I opted to go for a more traditional vibe this year, they have everything. Traditional, modern, colorful and eclectic, you name it – they’ve got it!

Another reason to hit up Homemakers (as if their holiday marketplace wasn’t enough!) is to visit the new HOMEgrounds cafe. Those cookies though!!! They get me every time.

If you take a trip there, please tag me in your social media posts (@thechicishchick). I would love to see what you find! Happy shopping, my friends!

See ya on the next post!

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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