Dogs: They’re Just Like Us!

It’s that time of year again…the stores are crowded, people are cranky and it’s FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE! Time for a little feel good post! Everyone loves looking at pictures of dogs in clothes, right? One of two things usually happens: 1.) The dogs HATE it and/or 2.) They look irresistibly adorable. Often times it’s both. Please enjoy my top five favorite dogs showcasing the latest in doggie winter fashion.

Meet Abby. Abby hates her vest but looks cute as hell, even though she’s mean muggin’ the camera. Abby is clearly thinking: “Bitch, get that camera out of my face. I ain’t stupid. I know what yer doin’…” Abby is a little salty that her vest doesn’t fit her quite like it did last year.


Meet Leo. Leo is an intellectual and is extremely dignified. He listens with curiosity but can’t be bothered with nonsense. If Leo were a human, he would be a professor. In fact, Leo thinks he is a human. Just look at how he sits in that chair. Somebody please hand that dog a scotch and a pipe, STAT!


Meet Molly. Molly is also a little salty as her vest won’t close at all. It’s possible Molly is a size larger this winter because she sneaks treats when Mom isn’t looking. Molly is what you call a closet-eater. It’s also possible she imbibed a tad too much at dinner. #Bloated! Molly does not appreciate being photographed at this time.


Meet Tank. Tank loves posing for the camera and the camera clearly loves Tank. Look how stylish Tank looks in his buffalo check sweater vest. The ladies love it when Tank wears the buffalo plaid, but unfortunately Tank doesn’t love the ladies quite like they love him…if you catch my drift 😉 Work it, Tank!


Meet Barkley. Barkley wears his blue fleece sweater all day everyday. Barkley is the most fashionable dog on the block and he knows it. Barkley loves to be the center of attention, especially since the tiny human arrived. Barkley used to be the king of the castle and refuses to accept his place as #2…and he never will.

I sincerely hope this ridiculous post brought a little joy to your day.

See ya on the next post.

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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