Fashion 3peat: Black Leather Jacket

I did some very *cough* sophisticated market research this week and discovered that the vast majority identify black leather jackets with the fall season. I’m here to tell you that you can totally rock that LBJ (little black jacket) well into spring, my friends. Did I just make up a new term or does this already exist? Someone tell me, but either way, I’m going to keep using it. AND, I’m showing you how to wear it, three ways, using very few pieces. Because let’s face it, I am currently ballin’ on a budget and know a lot of you are too.

Buckle up kiddies, because here we go: Fashion 3peat: One Piece, Three Ways – Black Leather Jacket.

Option #1: Your Weekend Uniform (and my favorite of the 3).

Target Denim: How many times do I have to tell you how amazing these are? Size up because these puppies run small. Available in sizes 00-18 – short, regular and tall. I am wearing in regular length below and am 5’8”-5’9”.

Target Mules: So comfy, affordable and on trend.

Old Navy Tank: I have this in both small tall and medium tall. Both fit well depending on what I’m pairing it with. Hint: consider buying talls so that you have extra room to do a half tuck or knot the bottom. Available in sizes XS-XXL – regular, tall and petite.

Jacket was purchased from Evereve, a few years ago.

Option #2: DID SOMEONE SAY SPRING?!? White denim can lighten up any look and I fall in love with it year after year. Myth: You have to be super thin to pull of white pants. LIES!!! Anyone can wear white denim/pants. The trick is to look for thick, high quality fabrics that you cannot see through.

Loft White Denim: Loft has some great options right now. These come in sizes 24-34 – petite, regular and tall.

As you can see, the tank and shoes are the same as above, but the white jeans change the vibe a bit. Think casual Friday (if your place of work allows denim) as opposed to your weekend go-to. The tank was a tad too long for the jacket so I did a quick knot and boom – instant polish.

Option #3: Werk werk werk werk werk! This would be really cute with heels too but if I’m being honest with you, I don’t really do heels anymore. While I love them, they kill my feet and there are so many options available now that you really don’t have to wear heels if you don’t want to. Unless you love them. In that case, go for it! I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

Old Navy Tank: Same as above in the ‘mauve over’ color. Wearing in medium tall. Available in XS-XXL – petite, regular and tall.

Target Flats: True to size.

Black pants from Talbots, last season. Available sizes at Talbots include petite, regular, tall and plus.

So, thoughts? Favorites? I’d love to hear from you and as always, I hope you found this helpful!

See ya next time!

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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