Fashion 3peat: Camo Vest

I’m going to get right to the point on this one. You know I love a vest. Much like a jacket or blazer, a vest is good for so many reasons. A vest adds visual interest and texture to an outfit, can camouflage a mid-section or stubborn back fat and basically just ups your cool factor at least 20 notches. I snagged this particular vest recently from Betsy Boo’s Boutique. It doesn’t seem like you can go to a store or website right now without seeing something in camo. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love it.

I had a camo mini skirt back in the day that I couldn’t live without. I’m talking freshman year of college when I wore a mini skirt basically every day. I don’t necessarily want that camo mini back, but I do however want those thighs back! Damn metabolism… Another reason I love this vest? You can try the camo trend without going full on camo jacket or pants. So if you’re scared yet curious about testing the waters, give this beauty a shot! I would never lead you astray my faithful reader!

Do yourself a favor and use the code chicish15 for 15% off your purchase. Your wallet will thank me.

*Thank you to BBB for gifting me this vest.*

Option #1: Wear it now while the weather is still rather warmish with a swing dress.

Camo vest, wearing in size large although a medium would have worked too. It it sized S-XXXL. A little birdy told me this will be restocked, so check back if they are currently out of your size. You can also sign up to receive an email when they restock your size.

Option #2: Wear it as the weather gets a little cooler with jeans and a tee.

Camo vest

Option #3: Treat the vest as a layering piece by adding a long sleeve tee/sweater with jeans/leggings.

Camo vest

Will you be trying the camo trend this season? What look is your favorite?

As always, I hope this was helpful.

See ya on the next post!

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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