Fashion 3peat: Loft Dotted Short Sleeve Swing Dress

To those of you that follow me closely and have seen this dress already on my Facebook page or Instagram, I’m sorry. But, like, I’m also not sorry because this dress is so good and I am of the opinion that everyone needs to buy it. I don’t say that about every piece. I realize not every item of clothing I wear is for every body. Ladies of all shapes and sizes can easily pull this off, I’m telling you. And I would never lie to you, my faithful reader.

You could also very easily wear this dress year round. Today, I’m showing you how to wear it now through summer and into fall. BUT, all you have to do to winterize this puppy is add tights – and poof! Winter dress. Another reason I love this dress? It’s so damn flattering. Hate your arms? Covers ’em. Hate your tum tum? Yep, covers that too. Back fat? Um, what fat? You get my point. So, without further ado…I bring to you another year round staple item.

*This post contains commission links.*

Option #1: Perfect for a casual date night, brunch with your gal pals or anywhere else you want to be comfortable yet look put together.

Dress: Size down on this one, wearing here in medium. Available in XXS-XXL and petite XXS-M. Also available in plus 18/20 and 20/22. This dress is still 40% off but a little birdy told me the sale was ending today so get to it!

Wedges: run pretty true to size.

Purse: always fits.

Option #2: Totes. Work. Appropes. Told you I was going to make ‘appropes’ a thing. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Similar style cardigan: in various shades. I wear in a medium. Available in 3 colors and sizes are spotty in the white and pink. Available in the gray in XS-XXL.

Similar flats: run true to size.

Option #3: 100% weekend ready! That pose makes me look skinny AF, just saying…

If you are in the market for a denim jacket, I recommend:

This pretty number: available in XS-XXL.

Or this pretty number: available in XS-XXL.

Sneaks: pretty true to size and comfortable. I am quitting my Converse for these because I find them to be so much nicer to my tootsies.

Bonus: how to ease this dress into fall. Yep, that’s right. 4 looks for the price of 1. And remember, for winter, just add tights.

Which look is your fave?

See ya on the next post.

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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