Fashion 3peat: Old Navy Jumpsuit

Ya’ll went nuts over this jumpsuit on Facebook! I get it. Jumpsuits, especially for us tall gals, are so hard to find. The main issue? Cameltoe. Yes, I just wrote the word ‘cameltoe’ on the Internet. I also said it on my Insta stories a few weeks back. It’s an issue and I know you know what I’m talking about. I had a lengthy discussion about this with one of the sales associates at Von Maur. Clearly I have no shame, but to be fair, it was a conversation that happened out of frustration. She is only 5’6” and has the same issue (I am 5’9”). The fit is great on so many jumpsuits and then BAM! HELLO, Joe! (Get it? Joe Camel?) And as nuts as you went for this on social media, I did get a message asking to style this in a 3peat. Never fear, my friend! Here to help. I figure if one person is questioning styling options, then surely more of you are as well. I’m so sad to say the sizes and colors available in this beauty are spotty at best. I really hate to share a piece with you that is nearly out of stock, but am doing so because I want you to be prepared with styling options the next time I find one (and I will find another, oh yes, I will find another). That way, you’ll be ready to click ‘add to cart’ with no hesitation.

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Option#1: Totes office appropes. I totes just made up the word ‘appropes’ but I think it works and surely it will catch on. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Similar shoe linked here.

Unsure how to wear a jacket like this? Check out the 3peat for this jacket!

Option #2: Totes wedding appropes. Cha-cha slide, here I come!

Option #3: Totes casual…appropes. Ok, fine. Appropes doesn’t really work here.

Shoes: TTS.

And there you have it. Old Navy, if you’re reading this, which I’m sure you’re not, PLEASE restock this cutie. It’s that good.

See ya on the next post!

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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