How to Host a Party Your Guests Will Actually Want to Attend

So you want to host a party huh? Or maybe your mother is guilt tripping you into hosting a wedding shower for your 3rd cousin once removed who lives half way across the country. That same cousin you don’t even really like and now you’re in full stress mode. DON’T PANIC! I’m here to help you, my faithful reader. I got you covered.

*Thanks to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post.*

  • If you don’t read anything else in this post, please pay close attention to this point. Make sure you are having fun, or at the very least, fake it! You know what they say, “Fake it til ya make it!” If you, (the host) is stressed out and not having fun, then none of your guests will be having fun either. And that’s a fact, Jack. Just smile. It’s not that hard, even for those with RBF.
  • Do everything you possibly can in advance and make a list right away for things you need to do/items you need to buy. That means planning the theme/menu ahead of time and buying non-perishable items as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute to go shopping for a cupcake stand, for example, because when one goes shopping for something one desperately needs, one generally is not able to find it. Not that this has ever happened to me…on more than one occasion…
  • Don’t have a big budget for decorations? Let your food be your decoration! Food can be arranged in a lot of really cool and visually appealing ways. Charcuterie boards are always a big hit and don’t have to cost a lot. Aldi is a great place to shop for meats, cheeses, crackers and nuts. Desserts can be really great too. Cupcakes are always beautiful and can be easily displayed on a nice cupcake stand. See the photo below for some charcuterie inspo.

  • Let’s talk invitations. Some parties are more casual with invites via word of mouth or Facebook while others require snail mail invitations and RSVP’s. I have hosted both. Baby/wedding showers and engagement parties for example, do require mailed invitations and RSVP’s. There are so many choices out there for companies to use for invitations. It can be overwhelming. I recently used Basic Invite for baby shower invitations. They have pre-designed invites ready to be customized for any occasion. You guys! This was SO much easier than when I did my wedding invitations. Not to mention, I paid a little extra to have them ship the invites out for me, which saved me time. Think about it…buy labels, print addresses on said labels, stick them on the envelope, write the return address, stamp them, seal them and finally…send them. I’m sorry, no thank you. Sometimes you need to ask yourself what is worth more: your time or your money? Personally, if something saves me time then I am all in! How cute is this invite?!?

  • People like to help, so assign friends/family jobs ahead of time, especially those that may not know the other guests very well. Like your Great Aunt Nita who is visiting from out of town. Assign her to offer drinks or refill the veggie tray when it gets low. She will be glad to help and feel less awkward standing around making small talk with people she will probably never see again.
  • Don’t stress about your house being spotless. Nobody really cares at the end of the day, least of all your friends and family. Just make sure to tidy up, clean your bathrooms and make sure there are no cobwebs anywhere.
  • Music, music, music! This is another important point, but can be tricky. You need to know your crowd. Ask yourself these questions. What music do they like? What music do they hate? What’s appropriate for the type of party you are hosting? (Is it a classy affair or more laid back?) What is the age range of your guests? For example, if grandma be there then you might want to lay off the Cardi B. I love the station on Pandora called, “60’s, 70’s and 80’s hits”. It’s a crowd pleaser, the songs are mostly fun and upbeat (no F-bombs) plus I get so many compliments on it. Save the Cardi B for the bachelorette party.
  • And last but certainly not least, if someone compliments your house, outfit, cooking…JUST SAY THANK YOU. Do not say things like, “Oh I barely had time to clean before this weekend…” or “Oh this sweater is so old…” Just. Say. Thank you. And smile. Don’t forget to smile.

As always, I hope this was helpful. Good luck on your next hosting gig.

See ya on the next post!

-The Chic(ish) Chick

*This post was brought to you by Basic Invite. I wouldn’t be telling you about them if I didn’t believe in their product. As I mentioned, I recently used them for baby shower invitations and honestly, they turned out really well. I wasn’t expecting anything fancy but the invitations were beautiful. I would go for the gold metallic if I were you. So pretty! I also had some technical issues on my end (I am tech impaired) and their customer service was on the ball and very helpful. Be sure to check out their real estate business cards, quality business cards and holiday photo cards. I mean come ON! How cute are these?!?


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