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Struggling to Get Back to the Gym? You’re Not Alone.

Struggling to get back to the gym? You’re not alone. I have a confession to make. I have not been a regular gym go-er for about a year now and I have no fitness equipment in my home to speak of unless you count my husband’s rusty old man weights. All you fitness gurus are all probably rolling your eyes…

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Trends I Don’t Understand

Trends I Don’t Understand

I live in Iowa and I get it. We’re always late to the party in terms of fashion, music and pretty much everything else. Nevertheless, I like to stay current. The jury is still out on whether that means actually current or current in ‘Iowa years’. I have a serious case of FOMO that has developed into a full-blown disease… View Post
3 Drinks You Need to Make for the Holidays

3 Drinks You Need to Make for the Holidays

New Year resolutions? Year end goals? Let’s make cocktails instead. The Poinsettia. This is the perfect drink for around the holidays – so festive! This drink is comprised of 1/4 glass cranberry juice and 3/4 Prosecco. I like to use light cranberry juice…because 1/2 the calories (say it with me) = twice the drinks. I recently purchased frozen pomegranate seeds… View Post
Dogs: They’re Just Like Us!

Dogs: They’re Just Like Us!

It’s that time of year again…the stores are crowded, people are cranky and it’s FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE! Time for a little feel good post! Everyone loves looking at pictures of dogs in clothes, right? One of two things usually happens: 1.) The dogs HATE it and/or 2.) They look irresistibly adorable. Often times it’s both. Please enjoy my top five… View Post
Word to Your Mother

Word to Your Mother

My mom is one of my besties. We have been through a lot together. Like a lot, a lot. Aside from that, we have shared together an enormous amount of good times. Our time together never goes by without a good belly laugh. What can I say? She laughs at all my material. She’s my biggest fan and loves me… View Post
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