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Why You Should Consider A Clothing Rental Service: The Ms. Collection

Truth: I have had some bad experiences with styling and subscription services in the past. Experiences that left me feeling bad about myself. In those moments, I tried very hard to practice what I regularly preach: “It’s not you. It’s the clothes.” I realize this is easier said than done. So, when I filled out my style profile on The…

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Trends I Don’t Understand: Part 2

Trends I Don’t Understand: Part 2

Listen. We all have likes and dislikes when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Some of you reading this right now may not always like my fashion choices. For example, I polled my friends over on Instagram about a sequin blazer I was debating a few months ago. Should I buy it or should I not buy it? My… View Post
Fashion 3peat: Striped Target Dress

Fashion 3peat: Striped Target Dress

I found the perfect dress to help you transition your wardrobe to spring. Surely you remember spring, right? Spring is the day in between winter and summer. It is sunny, with a temperature of approximately 65 degrees and perfect for playing hooky to enjoy patio beers. Sure, there’s still literal mountains of snow on the ground. Sure, there’s still more… View Post
Sh*t My Husband Says: Part 3

Sh*t My Husband Says: Part 3

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I asked my husband to bring a dozen donuts to my office instead of buying me flowers. I have a weakness for donuts. Always have. Always will. In exchange, I honored him with a post completely dedicated to him and the hilarious things he says. #wifeoftheyear! I later followed up on that post and started… View Post
Fashion 3peat: Poncho Edition

Fashion 3peat: Poncho Edition

I love living in Iowa, but winter right now is just brutal. You know this already even if you don’t live in the great state of Iowa, unless of course you’ve been living under a rock with no Internet connection. I can’t help but find myself day dreaming about sunshine, sandy beaches and frozen cocktails. I have even gone so… View Post
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