The Only Amazon Gift Guide You Will Need in 2018

I made a trip to Target today. Shocking! While I was there, I ran into a friend and she mentioned that she is almost done Christmas shopping. Panic immediately washed over my face and I started sweating as I admitted that I haven’t…even…STARTED! Woof. I am usually ahead of the game at Christmas when it comes to buying gifts. What can I say? I blinked and Thanksgiving was over.

So, did I do any Christmas shopping at Target today? No, no I didn’t. But I did manage to buy a few groceries, avoid the home decor section like the plague and point a sweet lady in the direction of the Christmas section. No, I was not wearing a red t-shirt but I clearly had that “I’m a regular” vibe going on.

Now, the reason you’re here. Without further ado, allow me to present to you the only Amazon gift guide you will need in 2018.

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#1. Packing cubes! I just got on board with packing cubes and let me tell you something. Life changing. Ok, maybe not life changing but they certainly change the way I pack. These cubes keep me organized and I will not be getting on an airplane without them from now on.

#2. SySrion travel sized toiletry bottles. Stop wasting your money on those crappy travel bottles from drug stores and get these. They are nothing short of amazing. They don’t leak and because of the way they are designed, you are able to squeeze out every last drop of product. I travel frequently and trust me when I tell you they are worth every last penny. My only complaint is that I didn’t invent them myself.


#1: The ‘What Do You Meme?’ game. If you haven’t played this yet, just buy it. Trust me. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, but even more fun in my opinion. They also make several really fun expansion packs. I highly recommend expansion pack #1, expansion pack #2, the basic bitch pack and the stoner pack. Yes, I love this game.

#2: Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played this game yet, I question what you’re doing with your life. There are gobs of expansion packs for this guy. I recommend the holiday packs for a little extra holiday cheer; sure to make you bust a gut.


#2. A Mantraband. I love mine. A couple things worth noting: they do not tarnish and are bendable to easily fit any wrist whether you have grandma hands or Sasquatch paws. Also easy to customize or simply order one of their popular phrases.

#2. A blanket scarf. Cold weather is upon us with no end in the near future. Get the gals in your life a blanket scarf. Stylish and warm. What more could she ask for?


#1. Get your guy an air fryer now! An air fryer will most certainly make him feel extra manly on football Sundays when he beats on his chest and fries up some wings and cheese curds – all with a smile on his face. Trust me. He will love it. I must admit, the food is actually pretty great. So much better than the oven but without the “I hate myself” regret you feel with an actual fryer. You can smell the cooking, but it also won’t stink up your house like a grease fryer does.

#2. Please read #1 again.

I sincerely hope this gift guide helps with some of the stress the holiday season tends to bring.

See ya next time!

The Chic(ish) Chick

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