You Never Know Until You Try: In Life and in the Dressing Room

It’s so true. You really never know until you try. It’s one of my favorite sayings, along with: “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” The first is true in life and in the dressing room. I kid you not, I walk into a dressing room sometimes convinced ALL the clothes will work perfectly before I even try them on. Mostly because they are so beautiful and I just want them to work. I get way ahead of myself (in the dressing room and in life – but that’s another story for another day), piling up a huge arm full of clothing. I start sweating. Partly because the clothes are heavy and the stores are over heated and partly because I mentally start to tally up the total of all clothes on my arm as I make my way to the dressing room. I can’t justify spending this kind of money right now. Quite frankly, for the amount of clothes I try on, I can’t justify spending that…ever. What am I going to do? All of these clothes are going to be fabulous additions to my ever expanding wardrobe. In those instances, I am usually dead wrong and nothing – I repeat – nothing, ends up working. This happened to me twice recently. Once at Anthro and once at Evereve. Other times, I grab a few items on a whim, thinking to myself, “These are the wrong shape and style for me, but I’ll just try them anyway.” And you know what? They work. Cue the panic! I’d like to share with you three items I’ve purchased recently that I convinced myself would not work before I even hit the lock on the dressing room door.

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Loft Striped Mock Neck Dress

OH BABY! This is one of those instances where I definitely thought the dress would look better on the model than it did on me. But I was wrong. Not saying the dress looks better on me, but I do love the way this dress fits me. Wearing here in large and this cutie is 40% off today. Available in XS-XXL.

Jacket is Old Navy and I’m wearing here in a size small for a closer fit. I wanted this to be more like a coatigan than a coat so I sized down. This also comes in pink, and white. All of them area available in petite, regular and tall in most sizes. Why they didn’t put them all under one area is beyond me. I loved this coat so much, I also bought it in blue (sold out right now, sad face).

Target Belted Overalls

I do most of my shopping online, but spotted this one random Friday night grocery shopping at Target. I get easily distracted and especially in Target, so it’s no wonder I found myself in the clothing section. Shocking, I know. You should know: this stretches out while you wear it, so if you are between sizes, go with the smaller size. I initially bought the XL but exchanged for the large. Available in XS-XXL. If I would have seen this online first, I would have scrolled right past it.

Target Sleeveless Denim Dress

I picked this up on the same trip to Target and totally thought it would bomb in the dressing room too…but it didn’t. I am going to wearing this allllll summer. It does have a bit of stretch to it, so it’s comfortable, but doesn’t stretch out as you wear it. Wearing here in XL and available in XS-XXL.

So, the moral of the story is just try the damn thing – whether that’s in life or in the dressing room. You really never know until you try. Maybe it won’t work out…but what if it does?

See ya on the next post!

-The Chic(ish) Chick


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